Selling in Challenging Times

For sales organisation, 2020 is an especially challenging year.

Clients may be dormant or in real financial trouble. In many cases, visits to clients are not possible. Sales forces are having to get used to virtual sales calls. And in some territories, salespeople are ‘on the bench’ because of government assisted programs.

What then can sales leaders do?

We can help you optimize the situation now and start building the future.

Virtual Sales Training


We can deliver training programs using virtual classroom and by on-line learning to help sales people adapt to the current reality. This can include very practical help with making sales calls via Teams, Zoom and WebEx, to more strategic themes like managing multi-stakeholder sales processes remotely. Contact us to discuss your ideas.


Sales Organization Assessment

Why not use the current period to ‘look in the mirror’ and review the function and fitness of your sales organization. Using our Selling Interaction’s on-line Sales Excellence Diagnostic, we can very quickly help you audit your sales organisation and build an improvement plan. Find out more

Strategic Coaching

Many sales organizations will need to make a fundamental shift in their go to market approach and structures to support that. For example, less external sales and more internal sales people. The role and competency profiles will need to change. Through 1:1 coaching with one of our sales excellence specialists, we can help you think through how to evolve to be fit for the future. 

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